About us


Welcome to buyrealities.com. We are a real online shopping destination where our customers can find reality clothing for fashion forward women. You use your shopping skills smartly when you visit our store. In our store, you'll be able to find tops, dresses, pants, jackets and more! We have the classy and leading customer service experience with our potential customer. Our business is based on commitment to our customers. We believe that customers are first and we give priority to our potential customers.


Unique Selection: We offer the latest, affordable and high quality fashion clothing for women. Our offering include products related to women’ shirts, jackets, wedding dresses, Hoddies, Parka, Coats, sweaters and many more fantastic items related to women wear. 

Lower in Price: As an online store, we are leveraging a range of professional manufacturers and distributors for our products. We offer our unique product at lower process as compare to our competitors. We are dedicated to offering our high quality products to our customers at the best prices that fit on their budget.

Excellent customer service: We are an organization who understand the need of today’s young women generation and based on these need we convert our product classier as they want. We believe that customer satisfaction is the key of any business grow. So, we provide the best customer support and help them to resolve any query related to our product and services. Just join us as our product and services will inspire you.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide a wide range of the highest quality real and fashion trendy clothing for fashion forward women in the modern era.”

Our goal

Our goal is to provide reality products our real customers. We sell what we offer. We are an online store that offer reality outfits to all types of women and girls, whether they are slim, bulky or tall. We offer all types of trendy and fashion clothing to them. Our goal is to provide real picture of our product with real customer and not only model and Photo retouching picture that attracts only.

Our Products

Buyrealities.com provides the most popular women clothing. We offer a complete clothing catalogue including shirts, jackets, wedding dresses, Hoddies, Parka, Coats, sweaters and many more items related to women wear.  We are high-quality products providers in the field of women wear.

Our Advantage

The team of Bay Realities works with full of creativity and passion. We understand the need of young generation and give favor to our relationship with every customers as we think that each customer is potential for our business. Our customer service team is highly professional and always available to help customers. We are a leaning organizational and continuously seek improvement feedbacks from our customers. Based on these feedbacks, we are constantly adding new stuff, new products for our customers. All of our staff are well-trained in the latest fashion and trends.